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AMFA 4000 - Descalers

Problems caused by limescale Calcium and magnesium in hard water will cause limescale build-up over time unless descalers are used. A layer of limescale on water heating elements will significantly increase energy consumption while in pipes it causes a loss of pressure and the clogging of dishwasher and shower heads. Hard water means more detergent is needed to clean clothes and dishes.

AMFA4000® descaler and water conditioner

The best solution to the problems caused by limescale is to prevent it forming. The AMFA4000® descaler does this effectively by creating a magnetic field which stops the calcium and magnesium molecules from binding. No chemicals, salts or filters are used meaning it is both cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Reasons to choose the AMFA4000® descaler

Normal systems can be purchased for around £99, but they need constant maintenance and additional parts to keep them going and they do come with additional hidden costs. Shipment for the AMF4000 is free and the product is boxed perfectly and practically, so the customer can easily access and then install the product. If customers are not satisfied with the product, they can send the product back free of charge. Customer reviews of the product have been wholly positive and the quality of the product seems to speak for itself.

    • Made in the UK to an expert Swiss design
    • Can be fitted to any size domestic water pipe and needs only 4” of space
    • Simple to instal with no plumbing or modification to water supply needed
    • No reduction in water pressure
    • No chemicals or filters means no ongoing expense unlike most other descalers
    • No maintenance required
    • A reduction in limescale of up to 85%
    • Lower energy consumption from household appliances
    • Less washing powder and laundry conditioner required
    • Increased lifespan for household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters
    • An environmentally sound solution to the problem of limescale
    • 10 year full warranty
    • 100 day money back guarantee

The Amfa4000® descaler is currently on offer at £147, almost 60% of the full price of £260. To take advantage of this and start reducing the limescale in your pipes and appliances order now. Remember, if you are not fully satisfied you can return the product within 100 days for a full refund.