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Where should you install a water softener?

Where should you position a water softener?

Installed within 5 minutes

Placing a water softener is really easy. The water softener is installed near the water meter. Most water meters are situated in the meter box. As the water softener is very compact, it almost always fits on any water meter.

Suitable for all pipe types

The water softener is suitable for all pipe types. As such, you can easily install the water softener on pipes made of copper, metal and polyethylene.

Advantages of a water softener

Are you bothered by limescale? Using a water softener will end the presence of lime in the house. In addition, you will save energy costs, while your household appliances will last longer.

    • Installed within 5 minutes
    • Reduce limescale up to 85%
    • For all pipe types
    • Save up to £250

Order the Amfa4000® water softener quickly and easily via our web shop. The water softener is attractively priced and will cost only £147. Order the water softener before 11.59 pm and start the removal of lime in your house within 3 business day .

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As seen on tv

The water softener is indispensable in any household. Are you curious to know why? In the programme 'Nederland Heeft Het' of RTL 4, Julio Rosier explains how a water softener combats lime. at 'Nederland Heeft Het!' at 'Nederland Heeft Het!'

In 'Nederland Heeft Het!' Julio talks about the technique of the Amfa4000®
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When will I see a result?

It will take 3 to 5 weeks for the water softener to show result, depending on how hard the water is and how old the pipes are. The magnetic functioning will dissolve the limescale. As soon as the pipes are entirely clean, the water quality will be optimal.

Water softener and moving house

Are you going to move? You can easily take the water softener with you.

Order the water softener online

In order to be able to use the water softener within 3 business day, you should order the water softener today, before 11.59 pm. Click below to go to the web shop.