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Washing machine descaling

In order to ensure a long lifespan of your washing machine, it is important to frequently descale it. Limescale affects the heating element, as a result of which the machine has more trouble heating. Also, lime particles may remain in your clean laundry, looking like white stripes or a white haze. offers tips: descaling your washing machine was never that easy.

How to descale your washing machine?

There are different ways to descale your washing machine. You could use, for instance:

  • Chemical descaling agent
  • Vinegar
  • Soda
  • Dishwasher tablet

Step 1: Descaling agent

Choose a descaling agent for the washing machine. Put vinegar or a chemical anti-limescale agent in the detergent dispenser. If you choose to use a cup of soda or a dishwasher tablet to descale the washing machine, then this must be put straight into the tub.

Step 2: Turn on washing programme

Choose a washing programme at 40 or 60 degrees and switch on the machine. Please note: allow the washing machine to run while empty, so without any laundry. Otherwise, the descaling agent might affect the laundry. Run the entire programme.

Step 3: Run the washing machine again

As soon as the washing programme has finished, you turn on the machine again, without descaling agent. Also let it run while empty. Some of the anti-scaling agent may be left in the washing machine after the first programme. By letting the device run a second time, you can be assured, that it is entirely clean.

Preventing limescale in your washing machine

Descaling your washing machine is a quite a bit of a job. Therefore, it is better to protect it against limescale. The solution is a water softener. This will neutralise lime in the water and, as such, prevent lime from adhering to the tub, the heating element, as well as to your clothing. Also your shower head, kettle, iron and coffee machine will last longer when using a water softener.

With the Amfa4000® water softener you can always enjoy soft water. This is better for your household equipment, but also for your laundry and the environment. In addition, you will use less detergent, shampoo and lime cleaner, because you will hardly need it. View more advantages of a water softener.

Most often asked questions about the descaling of your washing machine

How often should I descale my washing machine?

The water hardness differs per region. The harder your water, the more lime particles it will contain and the more often you must descale the washing machine. In general, we recommend to do this after every two months. Discover how much lime the water in your region contains, so you can take this into account. Usually, the heating element in your washing machine will show whether it is necessary to descale the appliance. In that case, the element will be entirely white with limescale.

Is hard water detrimental to the laundry?

Not only will lime remain in the washing machine, but also in your recently washed clothing. For that reason, pieces of clothing may sometimes feel a bit hard after washing or they show a white haze. The tiny lime particles in your clothing may cause skin irritation.

How much detergent should I use?

Your detergent packaging will state the dosing. In addition, the quantity of detergent depends on the hardness of the water. The harder your water, the more detergent you require to get your laundry clean. View the water hardness in your area. When using a water softener, you will be using up to 25% less detergent.

Order a water softener

At you can order the Amfa4000® water descaler to protect your washing machine and other household equipment against limescale, from now on.