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Kettle descaling

Descale the kettle

In many kitchens, the kettle is one of the most frequently used appliances. While cooking, you have easy access to hot water and when you feel like a cup of tea, the water will reach the right temperature within minutes. When you often use the kettle, it is important to regularly descale it. This is not difficult, you can use one of the below mentioned household resources:

  • The juice of one lemon (lemon in powder form will also work fine)
  • A splash of natural vinegar
  • A splash of descaling agent

Step 1: Emptying the kettle

Firstly, it is important to throw away any water that is still left in the kettle. Subsequently, fill the kettle with fresh water and add cleaning agent.   

Step 2: Descaling!

Have you opted for cleaning with lemon? Then there is not a lot to be done. Allow the water with the lemon juice to sit for a few hours, so the lime will gradually detach. When you clean the kettle using vinegar, boil the water and let the kettle rest for 30 minutes. When using descaler, boiling is not necessary. The lime will have dissolved after 15 minutes.

Step 3: Removal of the cleaning agent

Now it is important to flush away the residue of the cleaning mixture from the kettle, because who would like a cup of tea tasting like lemon, vinegar or descaling agent? By treating the inside of the kettle with a sponge or dish brush, you make sure that all residues are removed.

Frequently asked questions about descaling the kettle

Why is there limescale in my kettle?

The Dutch water contains little lime particles because a lot of (sea)shells can be found in the soil. The water hardness differs however per region, e.g. the water in Eemsmond contains almost twice as much lime as the water in Ermelo.

How often should I descale the kettle?

Does it take longer for the water to get to the boiling point and do you notice a lot of white limescale on the heating element? Then it is probably time to descale the kettle. The general rule of thumb is to clean it once per twelve weeks.

Is drinking water that contains lime unhealthy?

No, drinking water containing lime is not harmful to the health whatsoever. It is a fact though, that people with sensitive skin may benefit from soft water with little lime.

Descaling your kettle less often?

Although descaling your kettle is a minor chore, nobody really enjoys it. With the Amfa4000® you can enjoy deliciously soft water and it makes descaling of the kettle virtually unnecessary. Would you like to know more about our ingenious water softener? If you have questions, please contact one of the advisors or send an email to