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Is a water softener useful?

Is a water softener useful? Say goodbye to limescale

Easily reduce your energy costs

Have you noticed that your energy costs have risen over the last few years and do you have no idea as to why? Possibly, your appliances consume more energy, due to heavy limescale in the pipes. A water softener will significantly reduce the limescale.

  • Can be installed within 5 minutes
  • Up to 85% less limescale
  • Suitable for the entire home
  • No service and maintenance costs

Buy our Amfa4000® for only £147,-. If you order it before 11.59 pm, you will have the water softener delivered to your home within 3 business days!

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What is a water softener?

A water softener is a small device that prevents the build-up of limescale in the pipes. The magnetic fields ensure that magnesium and calcium will not crystallise in your pipes. This will reduce the limescale on your electrical devices and shower doors and taps.


The water softener for any pipe

The Amfa4000® is suitable for any type of pipe. The device will function on PVC, as well as on copper or a flexible tube and (galvanised) steel. In video below, Julio will explain all about the possibilities. at 'Nederland Heeft Het!' at 'Nederland Heeft Het!'

In 'Nederland Heeft Het!' Julio talks about the technique of the Amfa4000®
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Why would I need a water softener?

A water softener has many advantages. We have listed a number of them.

your energy costs will be substantially reduced

Limescale causes heating elements, for instance in your kettle, to warm up to a lesser extent. As a result, more energy is consumed to get the element to reach the desired temperature. The Amfa4000® frees the pipes of limescale, so the heat will once again be able to spread properly.

the lifespan of your appliances is lengthened

As your appliances will no longer need a lot of energy to get to the right temperature, their lifespan will be increased.

No more hassle with limescale remover

After applying the water softener, the lime will no longer adhere to your taps, shower doors and heating elements. As a result, you will save yourself a lot of scrubbing.

You support the environment

Since you will be using substantially less energy, you also contribute to the environment

Order your water softener now

Do you also want to benefit from the abovementioned advantages? Then order your water softener from now. Installation is easy. If you order your water softener before 11.59 pm, you will soon notice lower energy bills ánd help the environment!