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FAQs about the Amfa4000®

When will I see results?

Thanks to the Amfa4000®, existing limescale in the water pipes dissolves. That is why it takes a while before you will see optimum results. How long this takes depends on the water hardness and the age of the water pipes. We therefore always give the guideline that you will see results after a number of weeks, but that the results will be optimal after 6 weeks.

Is the Amfa4000® suitable for my type of water pipes?

The Amfa4000® water softener may be installed on any type of water pipes and can be fitted to all pipes made of PVC, copper, flexible tube or (galvanized) steel.

Installation Amfa4000: how much space do I need?

Because of its small dimensions, you only need a free space of 8cm over the length of the pipe to install the water softener. Water pipes are often located close to the wall. This is not a problem at all. Our smart technology offers a solution for which you only need 5mm of space between the wall and the pipe.

What warranty is offered?

The Amfa4000® water softener is made of high-quality materials; this means that under most circumstances, the water descaler will last a lifetime and is maintenance-free. If there is something wrong with the water softener, we offer a warranty period of 10 years. In addition, we carry a 100-days money-back guarantee, so you can try the water softener without any risks.

How does the Amfa4000® work?

The Amfa4000® water softener produces a frequency that causes disharmony in the internal frequency of water molecules to release micro particles. The calcium in the water binds to these micro particles, instead of attaching to your appliances and pipes.

Can I also put a strong magnet on my water pipe?

24Man has done a lot of research into the optimal placing of magnetic fields for descaling water. It is not the strength of the magnets, but the right angle and positions of the magnets that determine the effectiveness of the water descaler. In addition, 24Man uses modern and sustainable gadolinium ceramic technology, which led to the development of a powerful and small water descaling device that can be used in small spaces without complicated interference with the pipes.

What is the best place to install the Amfa4000?

It is advisable to install the Amfa4000® close to the water meter. You can do so before or after the meter, depending on space. Everyone, even people with two left hands :-) can install the Amfa4000® in 30 seconds with the accompanying manual and pull string.

Can the Amfa4000® be installed in humid spaces?

The Amfa4000® is waterproof and is made to work in humid spaces. Even in houses with standing water in the crawl space, the Amfa4000® can be installed as usual. It won't raise a problem if the Amfa4000® becomes waterlogged.

What are the annually recurring costs?

None. The Amfa4000® is a one-time investment. You are not committed to an expensive maintenance contract. You recover the costs of the water softener within a short time, and you will enjoy beautiful water free of any concerns.

How often should I service the Amfa4000®?

Never. The Amfa4000® is maintenance-free. No fuss or lifting salts.

Can I install the Amfa4000® vertically?

No problem. The Amfa4000® can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

The Amfa4000® is mounted to the water pipe. Where does the calcium go?

The Amfa4000® water softener produces a frequency that causes disharmony in the internal frequency of the water molecules, so calcium binds to the micro particles in the water, instead of attaching to your appliances and pipes. The calcium remains dissolved in the water. However, the calcium does not settle in the water pipe and appliances, so you will not notice any calcium deposits.

On what size diameter water pipe do I install the Amfa4000®?

The Amfa4000® is suitable for pipes with a diameter of 12mm to 42mm, so the Amfa4000® fits any water pipe in the house.

What will the water hardness be like after installation of the Amfa4000®?

The water hardness remains the same. The calcium is not extracted from the water. The Amfa4000® makes sure that there is no calcium deposit. The result is no more annoying limescale, protection of your appliances and a considerable saving on annual costs as a result of calcium deposits.