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Water Softeners Information

Water Softeners

Hard water has a lot of calcium and when it regularly gets into contact with materials it forms a layer. Limescale, the layer of calcium deposited on the surface of materials causes various problems. The deposits are not visible, but the effects are normally experienced. Limescale causes reduced water pressure or complete blockage of pipes. Affected heating appliances consume very high electricity and cause untimely replacement of equipment.

Various water softeners in the UK can remove limescale from appliances. Among the most popular alternative is a salt and resin based softener or simply known as a salt softener. This equipment gets rid of limescale from water which reduces limescale and water’s °e. Unfortunately, equipment that has been utilized for some years with incorrect servicing normally causes unnecessary water to be flushed down the drain.

Water hardness

A high level of water hardness can cause damage to the household. It namely causes lime scale. This deposits itself on surfaces where water is heated and where it dries up. Calcium is deposited on water pipes, the shower head, bathroom riles and in heating equipment. In most cases the calcium can be removed with some effort, however this is more complicated with water pipes and heating equipment. Fortunately, our water softeners available in the UK has the solution.

Consequences hard water

Lime scale has an insulating effect, therefore it absorbs heat. A scaling of 3 mm can already result in an efficiency loss of 15%. A layer of 6 mm can provide a loss of 50%. Calcium reacts in soap with water. For every 1000 litres no less than 2.5 kg of extra detergens is required with a hardness of 17 °e. The calcium attaches itself to any surface that comes into contact with hard water. The result are white deposits on tiles, windows, dishes and cars. A list of some more consequences:

  • Lime scale in the shower
  • Increasing energy bill
  • Dry skin
  • Cleaning work
  • More (dishwashing) detergent
  • Taps full of calcium
  • Calcium stripes
  • Reduced flow

Why Choose Water Softeners UK – The Amfa4000®?

24Man from water softeners UK offers a very effective solution. The Amfa4000® is an excellent choice if you want to protect your appliances against limescale and use less time cleaning. This affordable system is suitable for any home, and any water pipe diameter applied for domestic use. Unlike chemical descaling that extracts calcium from water, Amfa4000® retains the calcium and magnesium molecules. These minerals cause limescale but are significant for our health. Amfa4000® water softener improves the taste of your tap water without any odd synthetic flavours. The equipment is easy to assemble and does not require any modifications to your home. It is safe from explosions and can be installed close to gas meters. It is also equipped with as security shield to avoid damage to transmitting apparatus or electronics.

Suitable for any type of house

Our softener can be easily installed in any type of house. Regardless if you live in a villa, houseboat, terraced house or apartment. You only require a straight piece of water pipe of approximately 8 centimetres. You can easily assemble the system and soon your calcium problems will be solved.

Long lifespan

Quality is paramount to us. The Amfa4000® is therefore developed with Swiss precision. We only use the best parts. All products are produced and assembled in and with articles from the EU. Our system is scientifically tested. Where many other brands of water softeners UK still have to prove themselves, the Amfa4000® has been a guaranteed success for many years. Over more than 100,000 satisfied customers in the UK went before you to take the step to lime-free water thanks to our water softener. The Amfa water softener has a lifespan of at least 20 years and the best part? This does not involve any maintenance charges!

We think of the UK environment

With the production of our softener the CO2 emissions is reduced to a minimum. Plus, the system increases your comfort due to less cleaning work and the use of detergents. We like to make a contribution to the environment and in times of crisis any saving is welcome, therefore you will receive a water saving system with the Amfa4000®.

Save thousands of euros per year

We help you to save thousands of euros per year. By preventing lime scale your devices use a lot less energy and this will be reflected in your energy bill. There is no need to replace expensive filters and the Amfa4000® does not produce any wastewater and does not use any salts or chemicals.

Overview of Amfa4000® water softeners UK

  • No maintenance contracts or compulsory salt buying
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Prevents limescale build-up without removing essential minerals
  • Longer appliance lifespan
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Ten-year warranty on the equipment in the UK.
  • Money back guarantee – 100 days

Solve the calcium mystery

Calcium remains a mystery, many people suffer from it, even in areas where the water is not as hard. The water tastes different and our devices break more quickly. You will eventually also notice the high energy bill and the waste of detergents in your wallet. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with the Amfa4000® water softener. Order it today and you will receive the system the next day in the UK. Do you have any questions? Please call or mail us, we gladly be of service to you.