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Water filter

To remove lime scale and prevent new lime scale? Select the water filter of Years of calcification in your water pipes can hinder the flow. This leads to pressure loss and corrosion of copper pipes. If you want to descale your electric kettle or coffee machine this is still quite simple, however the descaling of water pipes often seems an impossible task. Nothing is less true. We like to introduce the Amfa4000® to you. This water filter ensures that each pipe in your home can be made lime-free again.


Calcium, scaling, lime scale or limestone, these are all different names for the same substance: calcium carbonate. During the heating of hard water calcium occurs. The hardness of the water is expressed in °e, English degrees. This is an indication for the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium ions.

What causes lime scale?

Hard water can cause damage in your household, as it ensures for lime scale. It deposits itself on surfaces where the water is heated or dried up. Calcium deposits on taps, bathroom tiles, shower heads and in water pipes. With a large dose of effort and good detergents the lime scale on tiles and taps can be removed. However, calcium in water pipes is a different story. Fortunately, is the right address for a top-quality water filter.

More about water hardness

The cause of a high level of water hardness is a result of the heat source from which the water is gained. In the UK, there is a lot of calcium in the ground and often also in the water. In very extreme cases water supply companies filter calcium from the water and this way they reduce the water hardness. Still many households in the UK suffer from hard water and therefore lime scale. In our country, there are more than 200 water sources and each source has its own water hardness. Therefore, the hardness varies from place to place. Nowadays there are companies that soften this water but that is often not sufficient. A water hardness of 10 °e or lower is considered “soft”. Fact is that with 6 °e, lime scale can also be formed. The limits that water supply companies use, are often not quite subjective.

Consequences calcium

  • Lime scale in the shower
  • Increasing energy bill
  • Dry skin
  • Cleaning work
  • More (dishwashing) detergent
  • Taps full of calcium
  • Calcium stripes
  • Reduced flow

Due to lime scale walls, tiles and joints turn white. Plus, boilers and heating installation operate less properly due to calcium. Another annoying aspect is that hard water dehydrates your skin and is often associated with skin diseases as eczema. To remove lime scale from taps and tiles we often use many types of detergents, some of which can be harmful for the environment. Did you know that soap and shampoo do not work as well with hard water? So, you need more to achieve the desired result. Have you experienced a faltering boiling-water-tap? This is also a result of hard water as the lime scale is blocking the heat. It also applies for annoying dried up stripes and drops on glass surfaces that: the harder the water, the more marks you will see. Have you noticed that the pressure of your shower head has been reduced? Lime scale! You can read it for yourself, there are plenty of reasons to remove lime scale.

The solution against lime scale

The Amfa4000® water filter filters calcium from the water. Therefore, the water hardness is reduced and you can enjoy soft water and lime-free water systems again. How does it work exactly? The system ensures that the structure of minerals is changed, without removing essential components from the water. The powerful magnet ensures that the calcium does not deposit itself anymore on pipes and heating elements. The system produces a frequency that causes a disharmony in the internal frequency of the water molecule. Therefore, a micropart is released to which the calcium can attach itself. Responsible entrepreneurship is paramount to So, you will receive a water saving system with every water filter. The Amfa4000® water filter is small and easy to assemble in almost any room. Regardless if you live in a terraced house, villa, houseboat or flat. To assemble the system you only require a straight piece of water pipe of about 8 centimetres.


Some water filters are extremely expensive, but please do not worry. You do not have to pay the top price for the Amfa4000®. For only £147.- you can already possess this unique system in your home. Best of all? You can consider it as a one-off investment, as there are no additional costs. The Amfa4000® does not produce any wastewater and does not use any salts and chemicals. You benefit from a factory warrant of 10 years and you are assured of a money back guarantee.

Order your water filter directly online

Have you become enthusiastic about the Amfa4000® and would you like to get rid of all this annoying lime scale? Wait no longer and order now our unique water filter online. You benefit from free shipment and you are entitled to a cooling off period of no less than 100 days. Not satisfied? You can return your order free of charge. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we like to be of assistance.