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Magnetic Water Descaler

Loosely linked water molecules tend to enclose micro-particles; a lot of these particles are closely packed to prevent binding of calcium. Calcium tends to attach to the pipes and cause blockage or limescale that may result in increased maintenance cost of your pipes. 24Man has come to your rescue by providing you with the Amfa4000® system that will take into account all of your concerns; they are committed to preventing any loss of useful minerals from water. They have developed a magnetic water descaler that is effective in preventing limescale while keeping magnesium and calcium -useful minerals required by the body -at your reach.

Why is the AMFA4000® One of the Best Water Softeners?

There is a necessity to dissolve these micro-particles so that they can form an attraction site for calcium to attach. Amfa4000® has enough energy that can disintegrate the internal frequency of water molecules releasing these particles as free elements which in turn attracts calcium. The process of interaction between the particles and calcium forms leaf-shaped crystals. For the non-furring crystals to form; the magnetic water descaler must possess a high field of magnetism; Amfa4000® system has all these taken into account. Products by 24Man have been designed to ensure that there is no loss of pressure of the flowing water thus combined with the high magnetic field, efficiency of the system is guaranteed. Regarding the importance of magnesium and calcium in our bodies, a system that is selective is required so that these minerals are not withdrawn from the water we drink. Since magnesium and calcium can closely interact with each due to their related chemical properties; magnetic water descaler by 24Man is made to change this structure to allow them to remain in the water. The Amfa-water interaction does not have any negative impact on your health or environment, therefore, making it the perfect choice for you.