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Hard Water Filter

Hard Water Filter

Hard water is characterised by its high magnesium and calcium content. Their deposits can result in a clog in drains, stain tile and glass, can stain your hair or skin by leaving a residue, and prevent soap from lathering. You should acquire a hard water filter that will solve your problems while incurring minimal maintenance cost. Products developed by 24Man are best suited to handle your problems as well as enable you to carry out water filtration efficiently.

How hard water filter works

The Amfa system works in such a way that it turns the micro-particles that form from water into free species by interrupting the bonds formed with the water molecule. This kind of micro-particle become the central attraction point for calcium; causing it to attach to the freed species resulting to the formation of a leaf-like crystal. For effective removal of micro-particle from water molecules, the FAK apparatus should possess particular features. It should have a magnetic field that is strong in order to achieve the desired outcome on the water molecules. The efficacy of these magnetic fields as well as the speed of water plays an important role in ensuring that there is proper treatment of the limescale or calcium carbonate.

Benefits of using hard water filter

Amfa4000® will be your best friend in helping you get rid of limescale as well as preventing occurrence of calcium carbonate deposits on your pipes. The hard water filter has no chemicals that may threaten your health and this Amfa system can be installed at any point you would like to prevent limescale formation. Considering the flow of water as a key property in ensuring that freeing of micro-particle is made efficient; this Amfa system do not have any effect on the pressure, therefore, water flows fast. All these place Amfa systems as the best option for you.