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Calcium costs you money

Limestone is calcium carbonate that arises during the heating of water. Without you realising it, it will firmly mount itself in your devices. It often happens that the flow of warm tap water is reduced or stagnates. The cause? Pressure loss by calcification, especially in pipes and electric boilers. This can cause damage to your equipment. Another annoying consequence is that this will increase your energy bill. After all calcium operates as isolator.

Water softener

Reducing how much water we use and energy we consume is important at home and at work. Introducing the AMFA4000® water softener system can help you save water, save energy and save money. There are also many other benefits. With Swiss precision 24Man Engineering has developed the AMFA4000® from the world's best components. Created by experts in water systems engineering, the unique water softener system works with any hardness of water.

Disadvantages descaling with resin and salt

There are various ways to remove calcium from your equipment. Many softeners operate based on resin and salt. This is also called salt softener. The system removes a large part of the calcium from the water. Therefore, the PH value of the water is reduced and calcification is limited to a minimum. However, it often happens that after several years of use and the combination of bad maintenance, unnecessary amounts of water is washed away. This is bad for the environment and your wallet. Plus, many healthy minerals are removed from the water. The PH value (level of acidity) is therefore too low so the drinking water become acidified. The result is that the pipes are effected by the acidic water. This can cause corrosion or leakages. In some cases, the water can also taste salty. The use of salts and the annual maintenance costs a lot of money.

Operation Amfa4000® water softener

Calcium can accumulate and mount itself because the minerals calcium and magnesium connect themselves with each other which results in calcium crystals. The Amfa4000® prevents this process. The system distinguishes itself from other brands thanks to years of research. The magnets are positioned in the correct way compared to each other and are combines with the Swiss flux technology, where a strong field in a compact casing is realised. This all comes together in our small and powerful device that can be easily assembled in small rooms. Thanks to an enormous strength the opposite fields ensure that the calcium and magnesium does not crystallises and no lime scale arises. The Amfa4000® does not remove the minerals from the water but ensures that the negative effects thereof are suppressed so they cannot deposit themselves. The calcium remains in the water and does not attach itself to your equipment. Unfortunately, lime scale cannot be prevented 100% but can be significantly reduced.

Amfa4000®® Professional water softener

The AMFA4000® water softener at home

Kitchen appliances help make life easier; from washing the dishes to speeding up food preparation and cooking. Clogged up by minerals in the water though they can become less effective and replacements or repairs are expensive. The AMFA4000® helps your appliances last longer and perform better by removing the negative effects of water minerals. At the same time it improves the taste of your water by enhancing the positive effects of the minerals so essential for healthy living.

Using the AMFA4000® for your business

Reducing energy consumption and cutting down on water use could save your business hundreds of pounds a year. The AMFA4000® does this. Savings can also be found by reductions in the time spent on cleaning and maintenance. It also helps you use fewer detergents and is a great way to improve your social responsibility. At home and at work, expensive appliances are quickly and simply protected as soon as you have installed the AMFA4000® with its easy to follow guide. Saving you cash and improving your water is not its only benefit though. This unique and clever water softener will also help the environment by optimising your water use and reducing emissions polluting the environment. Affordable, with free-delivery and a no-quibble returns policy, the AMFA4000® water softener from 24Man is a win win for all.

We do not make a fuss about the price

You do not have to pay in “advance” with us. We use a fixed price of £62.52 without hidden charges. The shipment costs are free and we give you a 100 day returns policy. We will send out the water softener very quickly, you will receive it within 3 business days. Wait no longer and fight lime scale with the Amfa4000®. Would you like to know more about our water softener system? Please do not hesitate to contact us!