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What are the consequences of hard water?

Limescale costs a lot of money !

Limescale costs a lot of money !

Tap water is hard in many areas. This means it contains a lot of lime.

As a result, the water will deposit a layer of lime on all materials it regularly comes into contact with.
This leads to various problems.

The lime deposits are often not directly visible. But they are certainly there.
Such as in water pipes, installations and electrical appliances. Only if the flow rate drops significantly or the pipes get blocked completely do people become aware of these problems, but at that point, it’s too late.
Limescale on heating elements also leads to greater power consumption and premature replacement of appliances.

Limescale costs 15% to 70% more power!

Did you know that a limescale layer as thin as 2 mm on heating elements can increase your power consumption by 30%? If it gets even thicker, that waste can be as much as 50%.

And because your water is hard, you use 30% to 50% more detergent and fabric softener, plus the costs you incur for harmful and expensive descaling agents.







To prevent limescale, the so-called scale formation, without taking essential components out of the water, there needs to be a structural change in the minerals.
The unique Amfa water treatment eliminates this property by changing the crystal structure.
The Amfa process has been tested and is environmentally friendly. No minerals are extracted from the water.