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Water softener prices

You have probably heard of hard water and lime scale. After all these two go hand in hand and can cause quite some damage to your water pipes and water systems. Running water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium. Water containing a lot of lime is also called hard water. Most drinking water in the UK is gained from the ground, here there are various lime layers. We like to tell you more about the hardness of water, the consequences of lime scale, our Amfa4000® water softener and water softener prices.

Difference hardness drinking water

We express water hardness in English degrees °e . 1,2 °e equals 17.8 milligrams of calcium carbonate lime per litre of tap water. Water supply companies often gain water from various sources, therefore there is a large difference in the hardness of drinking water, but in general the hardness of drinking water here in the UK is more than 3 °e.

Hard water and health

Hard water is not harmful for our health, this in contrast to the environment. Hard water causes calcium and often aggressive detergents are used to remove this. These substances also end up in the sewage system.

How does lime scale occurs?

During the heating of water, the calcium particles are reduced so a lime scale is deposited on surfaces. Other names for calcium are limestone, lime scale or scaling. You often see calcium in electric kettles and stovetop kettles. It is less visible in other water systems such as taps or the washing machine.

Consequence lime scale

Lime scale can have nasty consequences. Think for example of white struck shower heads and stripes on the wall of your bathroom. We will list some more consequences of lime scale for you:

  • Higher energy prices. The lime scale has an insulating effect. Therefor the energy consumption will increase as it often takes longer before water can heat itself.
  • Soap and water do not work as well. Your dish washer and washing machine also use more soap and detergent with hard water. Hard water ensures that the stains are more difficult to remove.
  • Skin irritation. Calcium and magnesium can irritate the skin for example due to dehydration. There seems to be a connection between hard water and eczema.
  • Faltering boiling-water-tap. A tap that provides boiling water generally cannot tolerate hard water very well. The tap falters quickly and lime scale will arise rapidly. This also applies for coffee machines and espresso machines. These devices also use much energy due to calcification.

The Amfa4000®

Are you fed up with this annoying lime scale and would you like to enjoy soft water again? Please check out our affordable water softener prices. With this unique system calcium is removed and it prevents the formation of new lime scale. The Amfa4000® water softener has been scientifically tested and is environmentally friendly. Our water softener provides a saving of approximately £700.- per household per year and we can give you affordable water softener prices. The system is maintenance free and you are guaranteed of a factory warranty of a whopping 10 years.

How does it work?

Existing water research has proven that normal water has the tendency to enclose microparts with a complex of separate water molecules chained together. This ensures that the microparts cannot attach themselves to the calcium that is dissolved in the water and deposits itself on pipes and heating elements. To solve this the Amfa4000® produces a frequency that ensures that disharmony occurs in the internal frequency of the water molecule and releases the micropart. This part becomes the natural centre to which calcium can attach itself.

Affordable Water softener prices

It is our aim to give you affordable water softener prices. Order the Amfa4000® at and you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Delivery within 3 business days
  • Free shipment
  • 100 days’ exchange and money back guarantee

Amfa4000® water softener prices

Did you know that lime scale can cost 15% up to 70% more energy? Start saving on your energy bill with our water softener. The system is very easy to install within five minutes. You only require a straight piece of water pipe of about 8 centimetres. Plus, the system is suitable for all types of accommodation, such as apartments, holiday homes, detached houses, flats and houseboats. The Amfa4000® has a lifespan of at least 20 years and suppresses calcium problems up to 85%, without additional charges. For only the price of £62.52,- you can order your own water softener.

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Have you become enthusiastic about the many advantages that our Amfa4000® water softener provides and the good prices? Why wait any longer and solve all your calcium problems with the Amfa4000®. Installation is almost always possible, if this is not the case we will not charge you any costs. Do you have questions about water softening? Please do not hesitate to contact us.