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The scourge of limescale

'Hard' tap water contains a high proportion of calcium. Calcium carbonate deposits (limescale) are distributed on the surface of items coming into contact with this water. Although the limescale is initially invisible, even the thinnest of layers can impact the performance of the item and increase its energy consumption. Limescale prevents water from heating as quickly and reduces water flow. If left untreated, the limescale layer will simply thicken over time, increasing energy consumption further. Limescale affects domestic electric appliances such as kettles, dishwashers and washing machines. While chemical descaling effectively extracts calcium from the water, it is an expensive option and the chemicals used can be detrimental to one's health.

Why you need an Amfa4000® descaler

The Amfa4000® safely removes and prevents build up of future limescale, maintains the correct balance of minerals in your water and greatly improves the lifespan of your appliances. It is suitable for domestic use in any size of house and can also be used on houseboats. Based on US research, designed with Swiss precision and manufactured by highly skilled UK craftsman, this clever and affordable device emits a specific frequency that disrupts the water molecules and allows removal of calcium.

Why select an anti-limestone descaler?

  • No lime scale anymore
  • Reduction of skin irritation
  • Energy saving
  • Prevents new lime scale
  • No more descaling of devices

Costs of the AMFA4000® Descaler

Did you know that the price of an Amfa4000® descaler is very attractive? Here you can order the Amfa4000® that is suitable for your complete household, for the single amount of £62.52.- including VAT. The Descaler lasts a lifetime and suppresses calcium problems up to 85%. And without additional costs: no maintenance, no contracts. The pipe diameter and type of pipe in your home is not important.


We distinguish ourselves with the Amfa4000® descaler by using the durable and unique Twin-Support system. The Descaler is namely constructed from two powerful modules, instead of one. They are specially aligned with each other to guarantee the best possible operation. Swiss reliability with excellent features and made from outstanding quality. We make no concessions when it concerns quality.

Simple assembly

Due to the compact dimensions, no chopping or breaking work is required to assemble the Amfa4000® descaler. It can be installed on any type of pipe such as plastic, copper and galvanised steel. The system is suitable for any pipe diameter and any type of house. The water descaler is always installed on the most suitable place, this is usually directly behind the water meter.

We think of your health

Calcium and magnesium are both healthy for the human body. A correct treatment of drinking water is important as it directly influences our health. The two substances are actually healthy minerals that occur naturally in our water and should not be removed from our water. Therefore, the correct descaling of water is important. Our water descaler ensures that these minerals are not removed from the water, but suppresses the negative effects of the calcium and magnesium connections. Did you know, by the way, that water has a longer shelf life thanks to these two substances? After all they act as preservatives.

Key advantages of the Amfa4000® descaler:

  • only a single investment required - no hidden maintenance costs
  • saves an average of £700 per household per year (lower energy bills and less detergent use)
  • easy to install; easy to remove - convenient when you move house
  • 10 year full factory warranty
  • environmentally friendly - no chemical additives
  • improved water taste
  • takes up minimal space (4 inches around a pipe)

Furthermore, we offer a 100 days 'not satisfied = money-back' guarantee, although we are confident you will be satisfied as we have >100,000 happy customers.

Protect your equipment

No more suffering from blocked holes of the rotor in the dishwasher. No blocked taps and calcified heating elements. The Amfa4000® descaler makes lime attached to pipes disappear and prevents new lime scale. As from now, white struck shower heads and tiles are a thing of the past. As well as lime scaling in your washing machine, dishwasher or boiler. As from now the Amfa4000® descaler protects all your equipment against calcium!

Enjoy optimum water again

After the water descaler has been installed, you will notice that the water is getting softer and tastes better again. Does your water smell different at the moment? Then there will definitely be a change of odour after the installation of the Amfa4000®. Get rid of all your calcium problems and order the Amfa4000® descaler directly online for only £62.52-. There will be no additional charges for service or maintenance. You benefit from free shipment and in most cases you will already receive the descaler the next day. Do you have any questions about the work method of our system or do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we gladly assist you!