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Tap Water Conditioner

Tap water contains microscopic Calcium particles. These particles have a tendency to stick together inside pipes and household appliances causing significant damage. An expensive and often time consuming process is then required to remove the Calcium build up from inside the pipes. AMFA4000® is an electronic tap water conditioner that prevents Calcium build up by emitting a frequency that prevents the microscopic particles from sticking together.

Benefits of the AMFA4000® tap water conditioner

  • - A high quality tap water conditioner AMFA4000® prevents limescale build-up and actively works to prevent damage to household appliances.
  • - It increases the lifespan of household appliances such as washing machines and offers annual savings of roughly seven hundred pounds a year.
  • - The system can be installed in most water systems and is able to be removed with minimal hassle.
  • - An AMFA4000® system comes with a ten year warranty and a one hundred day money back guarantee for customer peace of mind.

How can an AMFA4000® tap water conditioner help you?

Ordinary tap water contains dissolved Calcium and microscopic Calcium particles. These particles clump together with the dissolved Calcium in a network of water molecules forming limescale build up that damages household appliances. The AMFA4000® system emits a frequency that disrupts the water molecules freeing the Calcium particles contained within them. These particles, loosened by the AMFA4000® frequency, then attract the dissolved Calcium present in the water in an altered form that prevents them from being able to stick to the inside of household appliances. The calcium is then flushed out with the water when it is drained away.